The French always get the really hot First Ladies

Published on February 2 2008

Well, at least or until Hillary gets elected... YES FOLKS, I AM JOKING! Frances Nicolas Sarkozy marries Carla Bruni - Telegraph And I love the "reason" for the quickie marriage, just 3 1/2 months after Sarkozy's divorce:
One of the reasons for the sudden marriage was apparently next months planned state visit to Britain, with Mr Sarkozy concerned about being a guest of the Queen at Windsor Castle with only a "live-in lover" to accompany him.
Yup. Even after all the years of marital hijinks in the British Royal Family, we wouldn't want to see any shacking up going on at Windsor, now would we? And this following quote caused an emergency removal-of-coffee-from-laptop-screen. Here I thought *our* politicians had the claws out! Silly me!
Bernadette Chirac, the last First Lady of France before the retirement of her husband Jacques Chirac last year, said: "Its great news. I send my very best wishes." Mrs Chirac added that "having a companion was useful for anyone, including a president of the Republic", because she could be used "as a punch bag".
Meeeee-owwwww...... heeere, kitty, kitty, kitty.....

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