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Published on February 4 2008

Well, folks, I got to watch the Super Bowl on the radio since I worked last night, although I did come home to hit the sports channels for the highlights. As much as this old Packer fan hates to admit it... the Giants really deserved this one. After watching them play in Dallas and after crying in my beer over their playing in Green Bay.... yeah. They deserved this one, and it was a relief to know that we're not going to be hearing about "19-0" for the next year. P.S. Somebody who had 7 and 3 in the football pool Cleaned. Up. :-D P.P.S. Now I'm off to watch my favorite part of the Bowl show-- the ads! Giants upend Pats in Super Bowl stunner - Yahoo News
One perfect spiral and it was over for the New England Patriots. Forever, fans would remember who lost this Super Bowl, as much as who won. Eli Manning looked every bit like his older brother, throwing that beautiful fade route. Plaxico Burress backed up his brazen prediction, catching the 13-yard touchdown pass with 35 seconds left. And with that thunderbolt, the New York Giants became NFL champions Sunday night. With the crowd standing and roaring for the entire fourth quarter, they startled the heavily favored Patriots — and themselves, a bit — with a 17-14 victory.

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