Published on May 13 2007

The Little Beauty!scott-and-gator.jpgGator catch Well, Living in the south has its adventures. I'll bet MAD doesn't have this one on her "Things to do" list. My friend found that he had a uninvited Alligator in his fish pond and she was helping her self to his catfish. Animal control would not do anything because it was only believed to be about two feet long. Since he has a young boy who likes to fish, we figured it wise to relocate the Gator before it tried to relocate his son. So we decided that we had seen enough episodes of Crock Hunter and we could take this one by ourselves. After some coaxing we were able to capture the little beauty and restrain it. We relocated it into one of the local rivers where the fish occur naturally and were not bought and paid for like in my friends pond. Once released, she happily swam away and I think she winked at me as she submerged. :) Of course we could not miss the photo op. I've got to admit, there is one thing nice about fishing in Wisconsin. You don't have to worry about who is fishing for who! This one was about 4 feet, but I have seen them well over 8 feet and as big around as me.

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Oh yeah. Football, lol--how could I have forgotten? [slaps forehead]

The only reason I knew about B-Ball was that I was in Ohio the week before the final, and just *had* to buy an OSU T-shirt. "When in Rome, etc....."
Croc and Gator are similar family. I believe Crocs got for Salt and brackish water where on the other hand the Gators like fresh water. Either way the teeth look about the same as its coming at you.
Gators are also 2007 SEC Football Champs.

You're right. Playing with crocs-- or alligators-- has *never* been on my list of things I'd like to do some day.

What's the diff between a croc and a gator anyway?
Please don't tell me that one of them is the 2007 NCAA Basketball champs, either! :-P