Published on May 13 2007

Bleary-eyed and shuffling about in my jammies, I opened my 'fridge this morning in a desperate hunt for half 'n half for my coffee, the elixir of life, the bringer of all good things before 8 am. To find my Mothers' Day gift:
Oooooh yeah.
No, I did not drink one for breakfast. I'm not quite *that* far back into single mode yet. They also brought other gifts: Vanilla-Lime scented candles. Brazilian nut body butter. Chocolate. And a BALLOON!!! I love my children. They know exactly what makes Ma's heart go pitter-patter, lol. Beer, body butter and balloons!

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[...] It’s going to take more than a “few” of these. [...]
Happy Mothers Day! MAD. We gotta figure out a way to change your screen name to..... Happy! Hope you have a great day and don't drink the beer till at least 1200. PM! :)