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Published on August 8 2008

You all remember Kevin Barrett? He's the former UW lecturer who taught a single semester course on Islam during which he expressed his personal view that 9/11 was an "inside job" planned to justify a longterm war in the Mideast, in the name of Empire created by the globalist plutocracy. Well, now Barrett is running for Congress. (not from my district) These statements are a few weeks old, but here are some predictions from the Wisconsin congressional candidate who even managed to piss off Noam Chomskey. Wisconsin Politics:Kevin Barrett Campaign: Barrett predicts Brett Favre will return to the NFL 7/14/2008
Today, while campaigning in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, 3rd District Congressional Candidate Dr. Kevin Barrett predicted that quarterback Brett Favre would return to the NFL, throw at least 20 touchdown passes, and lead the Green Bay Packers back to the Super Bowl. Kevin Barrett says; "A Brett Favre comeback will be good for the war-ravaged Wisconsin economy."
Well, I guess we have to give him partial credit, right? Other Predictions by Dr. Barrett:
1) The Milwaukee Brewers will make it to the World Series and possibly win it, further boosting Wisconsin's economy. 2) Barrett refuses to predict a championship for the Milwaukee Bucks next season, noting that the NBA East has several stronger teams and that the San Antonio Spurs always win the title in odd-numbered years. 3) Barack Obama's flip-flop on the FISA bill and telecom immunity will be proven to be just the tip of the iceberg, for those who think Obama may be an anti-Empire candidate. 4) Despite the flip-flop, Obama will win the presidential election by more than 10%. Hence, since John McCain won't win, Barrett urges you to invest your vote with either Libertarian Bob Barr or Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney. 5) Man will someday colonize the Moon, and life will be found somewhere else in the universe. 6) Someday, we will dispose of nuclear waste by shooting it into space. 7) In 2020, Wisconsin farmers will lead the nation in producing hemp for fiber, food and fuel, and more than half the milk sold in Wisconsin will be raw milk, which scientists will have determined to be healthier. 8) The Catholic Church will eventually canonize Galileo Galilei. 9) Supercomputers will determine that the Ramsey number R(6,6) = 117. Current scholarship places the value of R(6,6) to be between 102 and 165, inclusive. 10) A new official investigation of the 9/11 attacks will begin in 2010. 11) The final NIST report on WTC 7 will not appear until George Bush is out of office. 12) Based on comparisons with the Soviet and Roman Empires, the United States central government will collapse in the year 2125 (approximately), because of economic problems brought on by high taxes, budget deficits, and militarism. Appendix: "If an alien spaceship were to come to Earth and demand that we tell them the answer to R(5,5) or they will kill us all, it would take all the computing power in the world to find the answer for the aliens. If they ask for R(6,6), we should try to kill them."
Um. Yeah. Actually, the appendix quote is attributed to a famous Hungarian mathmetician, so I'm not exactly sure why it was included on the WisPolitics page. It does seem to fit, though.

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If the United States central government will collapse in the year 2125 (approximately), Then why bother running for Congress? Maybe since he is so highly inteligent, he is running for office as a front to take over the United States when it collapses! Booohahahaha!!!