Another Tradition falls victim to the Politically Correct

Published on February 17 2007

chief_illiniwek.jpgURBANA, Ill. - The University of Illinois will retire its 81-year-old American Indian mascot, Chief Illiniwek, following the last men's home basketball game of the season on Wednesday.The NCAA in 2005 deemed the buckskin-clad Illiniwek an offensive use of American Indian imagery and barred the university from hosting postseason events. American Indian groups and others complained for years that the mascot, used since 1926, is demeaning. Supporters of the mascot say it honors the contributions of American Indians to Illinois.
I am not politically correct so if there are any reading this who subscribe to political correctness, you better plug your ears. This has got to be the supidest move I have seen. Who ever caved to this demand is no doubt without a spine. We spend so much money and time trying to avoid offending anyone that we can't see the forest for the trees. Without a doubt there will always be someone offended by what we do. America, where the small minoity rule over the majority. Welcome to America, the land of the offended. OBTW it is not a constitutional right to not be offended. Sometimes you've got to just suck it up and get on with life.

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OOOh! there you go, now there's another name that will have to be changed. I've already got a substitute. Flatland!
"the land of the offended" .
I'm still waiting for somebody to come in and insist that we change the name of the small city in which I live.
I seem to recall a bit of rumbling a few years ago about the name of the local high school team, but I think it was generally realized that it's a little silly to think that naming the team after a "tool" might be offensive to anyone.

BTW, isn't the entire state of Illinois named after this particular tribe?