Baby, it's cold outside

Published on February 5 2007

And #2 daughter is loving the extra day on her weekend. They haven't announced the local school closed for tomorrow, even though every school around us has already announced. Hopefully, it will be warmer than this morning's -26. Ooooooh, that wind was brisk this morning. Quite brisk. My teeth may quit chattering by next week. Below-zero temps close schools - Yahoo News
A bone-chilling cold wave with temperatures as low as 42 below zero shut down schools for thousands of youngsters Monday, sent homeless people into shelters and put car batteries on the disabled list from the northern Plains across the Great Lakes. At least six deaths were linked to the cold weather.
But then again, there's always at least one smart-aleck in the bunch, namely this guy!
"It's only 31 below," said Randy Hjelmstad, owner of Randy's Refuse in Grand Forks. "It's not that bad out."
Ya gotta wonder if "Randy's Refuse" is a garbage service? A restaurant? A bar?

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Lol, I'm dying here because I remember Shawn at about 1 year old, in a pink "Randy" snowsuit.

Shawn, you will never forgive us for this--you were so immobilized in that snowsuit that we could literally pick you up by the hood. You thought it was hilarious.

It probably looked like we were carrying a little pink statue.
Haha! Yes, I was pretty sad when I realized that if it were 40 degrees warmer, it'd still be below freezing outside. Wisconsin is so great ;)
Ha Ha! I think the description was "He looked like a Tick about to bust". I must admit that even for Wisconsin, that is COLD!!! Shawn, if its any consulation, its was 26 degrees here this morning. a mere 52 degrees warmer than up there. regardless, once it gets below 10 degrees, your skin just burns and then goes numb. Bundle up girl
When I go outside, I look like Randy in A Christmas Story ("I can't move my arms!") so no worries.
Bundle up, hon--wish I could come down there and drive you.

Stay warm.