Not a club I'd want to join

Published on February 6 2007

Ananova - Gym to offer naked sessions
A gym in Holland is to offer naked fitness sessions for naturists on Sundays. The Dutch Naturist Federation says the fitness centre in Heteren will be the first in the country to cater for naturists. Gym owner Patrick De Man said: "People undress for taking a sauna, why not for exercising?" He came up with the idea after two naturists joined the gym and asked about nude sessions.
Can you imagine the distraction possibilities? And I was shy about wearing anything less than full sweats for the longest time at the gym. Am I a typical midwesterner, or what?

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Oh yea , thats what I want to do, use a stationary cycle after half a dozen naked people have been riding it. Yeck! There aint enough towels or lysol! It's not the nudity that bothers me, its the hygene.