First grade is in!!

Published on May 19 2006

And I'm still holding that FOUR POINT OH!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee Now, it's just waiting until Monday for the Lit grade......I'm never going to make it till Monday. [Update: Well, I survived till Monday. The 4.0 was nice while it lasted, though. :-)) Only managed an A-, so the old GPA dropped to 3.89-something. Do you know how exciting that is for an old bag who was a "mostly B's and C's and the occasional A" student back in the old days?]

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Hey Sis, I'm nipping at your heals with my 3.6 but I think my poly si class is gonna send me down to the minors. Its hard for old people to cope!
Double congrats! You kicked my butt and my 3.5!
Congrats! I'm in grad school right now--so I understand the whole grades thing! Just thought I would say hello--surfed in off of the Wausau blog. ;-)