Published on December 26 2005

This post brought to you by Wordpress version TWO, the newly-upgraded version. I am a blog GODDESS . Update: I like the new look of the dashboard and I LOVE the new preview on the write post page, and so far my useful plugins all seem to be working (whew). I had played around with the beta awhile back, but I crashed it so often that I lost interest. I'll probably figure out a way to break this one, too! ;-) UPDATE: Dammit, looks like I managed to break it, and I didn't even DO anything!!! Why are my sidebars down at the BOTTOM of the page?!?!?!?! :-(( Guess this post will remain at the top until I figure out what broke. ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks a ton to "skulled" on the WP forums. These volunteers have their hands full with people like me, who know just enough about code to be truly dangerous.

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