Published on December 1 2005

The Truth Laid Bear: Feingold: Pay No Attention to That Elected Government In the Corner
Inskeep: "We heard earlier this hour from the national security advisor in Iraq, who said Iraqi politicians said [that they wanted a timetable for withdrawal] but the government of Iraq essentially agrees with the Bush administration." Feingold: That's right: the government of Iraq that was produced basically as a result of an American occupation as opposed to a general consensus from the country is not the test. The test is what the major interests in the country said. The major interests in the country, the political parties, hey, these are the people that are going to decide the future of the country. If you got the Sunnis, the Shiites, and the Kurds all agreeing that we need a timetable, who do you listen do? Do you listen to them, or do you listen to these folks that have a very shaky government that frankly was a result --- of course, of an election --- but also of an American invasion of the country... that is a very bad way to ignore the wishes of the Iraqi people."
It's going to be very interesting to find out in three weeks or so what the "real government" of Iraq thinks about the situation. Considering that what they have there now is not a government. Of course. This meant nothing, really. giving the world the purple finger!

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