Published on October 26 2008

There. The most recent class is in the bag. All of the discussions are discussed, the essays have been essayed, and the final exam is finalized. I have been so buried in NATO the last couple of weeks I have barely been able to watch the news. That's probably a good thing, because the little I have watched has done little other than piss me off upset me. The biggest news over the last couple of days is the cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe. Jeezus, people. The campaign bought her some clothes which are expected to be donated after the election. Does that deserve FRONT PAGE on the Times???? Victor Davis Hansen on "image":
To care that Joe Biden is vain, with bleached teeth, the apparent recipient of some sort of strange facial tightening tonic, and hair plugs is deservedly mean and petty; to sneer that the Alaskan mom of five bought a new wardrobe to run for Vice President is, of course, vital proof for the American voter of her vanity and shallowness.
Still shaking my head over wardrobes, I read about the $2 MILLION dollar price tag for the victory party coronation planned for election night in Chicago. I especially liked Mayor Daley's response to the question of whether he objected to the decision to go with an outdoor venue in Chicago:
“Could you see me saying 'no' to Senator Obama? Give me a break. I'm not that dumb,” he said.
[author shakes head sadly]

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