The Cheeseheads are getting restless...

Published on October 10 2008

That message was clearly shared among the crowd. Mike Payne, who traveled from Madison, Wis., for the rally, rejected the idea that McCain's supporters are angry, preferring to use the word "frustrated." "It might have something to do with you guys," he told a reporter. "It's not anger at all. It's frustration. There's millions of people around the country that think like we do. You guys refuse to acknowledge that, and you insult our intelligence by misreporting the information. You are treating [Obama] like he's Britney Spears and covering him like he's Paris Hilton, instead of the next president of the United States, potentially." McCain advisers dismissed the crowd's angry tone as an exception and not representative of most of the campaign's events. And they noted that those gathered seemed most upset by the media's handling of the contest, and simply wanted McCain to be more aggressive. They also noted that many of McCain's events are attended by liberal protesters, who often yell epithets and hold angry signs as McCain's bus drives by. And they recalled angry words from Obama at a rally in Las Vegas last month, in which he urged supporters to talk to their friends and neighbors, saying "I want you to argue with them and get in their face." Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally.

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I have to say that I am feeling some of my "cheese head" roots. If McCain does not start aggressively calling Obama out on the issues mentioned in this article, he will lose. The only delta to this is that there may be many voters out there who are silently waiting to cast their vote against Obama and the polls are just not reflecting this. I wonder why these polls aren't picking up on the frustration that was evident at the Wisconsin rallies. There are many people upset about McCain’s passiveness in the face Obamas questionable ties and socialistic tendencies. If there is nothing to hide, then I would think that Obama would want to immediately put these things to bed so he could move forward. I think this is where a lot of the frustration comes from, because he won't explain or address the issues. I believe McCain is an honest and sincere man and he is very respectful, but I liken this to a boxing match, you can knock the tar out of each other during the fight, and shake hands and be respectful, after you’ve knocked your opponent out.