"War and Society" is underway

Published on January 7 2008

"Next class" has begun.
This course addresses the inseparable connection between warfighting and society. It examines societal advances that have significantly influenced the military strategy and tactics as well as political, economic, and technological changes during wartime.
I'm already drooling (and horrified by) over the *extensive* reading list. This professor also has quite the website set up for our use-- I think this is really going to be a course to dig into! :-D I also think one of the projects is going to be worth some work.
By the start of week five, students will make a comprehensive submission of an original memorial along the lines of those at the Sites of Memory webpage (http://sites-of-memory.de). Students will choose a memorial not yet available at the Sites of Memory webpage from near where they live, photograph it, and analyze it in class based on the instructor's essay on "Deconstructing Historical Markers" http://sites-of-memory.de/main/deconstruction.html) and other readings recommended by the instructor as appropriate.
I think a roadtrip to the High Ground might be in order, but that's only first kneejerk reaction. I also have another idea, but I'm not sure yet if it would meet the requirements. More on the way.

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