Published on January 23 2007

dh.PNG After a semi-panicky installation of a new wireless router-- WHAT do we keep doing to those poor things, anyway? I think that's the third router I've killed in the last year or so!!-- I am officially done with IR1. Exam taken. Examinee collapsed. 8-} At least #2 daughter is happy about the new router, since it happens to be compatible with the video game she received for Christmas. So now she can play Mariocart with other Nintendo addicts in faraway places. I never would have imagined it back in the days of "Duck Hunt".

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*sigh*<br /> <br /> Teacher's pet. :)<br /> <br /> (A!)
I'm going to wait for a quiet stretch to do that--I have so many plugins running, I'm afraid this little house of cards would completely crunch with an upgrade. I need to check through all the plugins first before I play.<br /> <br /> (Guess what I got on the Final) :-D
Now, to upgrade Wordpress. (heh heh)