Published on November 8 2006

Watching all the speechifyin'. CNN and MSNBC are going wild today. Pelosi sounds almost normal, definitely further to the center than I've ever heard before. (And oh, so tastefully dressed) Hopefully her behavior is an acknowledgement that it was the moderates that won this one, not the loonies. Jaw-dropper. Rumsfeld resigns. And Bush is speaking now. "Why all the glum faces?" /:-) He just announced the resignation. Bob Gates nominated. "To our enemies, do not be joyful" An awful lot of "Last week, you said.....why is it different now?" questions. Idiots. What changed is the election!!! Grow up, already, lol. What a day this is turning out to be. [Update] Was flipping through all the news channels this afternoon while down in the dungeon. One one of the stations (MSNBC, maybe?), the view went to a reporter outside the White House. Her delivery was interrupted with what sounded like chanting and yelling from outside camera range. The commentator spoke up at that point. "Somebody please go tell Cindy Sheehan that her side won". Almost pmp'd, I laughed so hard.

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Have news conferences and the like always been so informal? I mean, thumpin'? Either way, his press conference was comical. I like how he was beating up the podium.