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  • Vintage-Look Waterfalls

    15 September 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    This is another shot from Copper Falls State Park. And just as obviously, it's another experiment in post-processing! Just a little something to distract me from homework for a few minutes-- school is going well, even if I find myself arguing points of...

  • latest in a long line of sunsets

    06 October 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    I've been going through some old CD's of photos to get them cataloged into Lightroom. (Side note: Recommend Lightroom to every single person you know). This pic was taken near Ashland if I remember correctly-- just a simple "Sunset across Lake Superior"...

  • Bark

    28 September 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    One more black-and-white photo as we enter the most gloriously-colored season of the year. It's just a little reminder of what follows. Heh. And in other news, we have lost a bit more of the "bark" in the world: The Associated Press: William Safire, speechwriter...

  • Arches

    26 September 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    “I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethro' Gleams that untravell'd world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move” ~~ Alfred Lord Tennyson Taken in Janesville, WI summer 2008. This archway once graced the front...

  • Cairn

    22 September 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    I've seen these all over the northwoods, these little piles of rocks. On the edges of fields cleared for farming. Along roads. On hiking trails. This was the first I'd seen in water, out in the middle of a fast-moving river. It must have taken an extra...

  • Mirror View

    30 September 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Colors are turning golden here, with splashes of red and orange. We had our first hard freeze last night, down into the 20's F. It's too early for this, but we often have our first snow around this time of year. Time to put away the shorts and flipflops,...

  • Nobel Committee, phone home...

    09 October 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    The phrase "WTF?" is spinning in the collective world head this morning with the news that President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. "Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for...

  • Leaves over Water

    07 October 2009 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Taken in the Porcupine Mountains, on the Presque Isle River. The rain finally stopped today, so it was a perfect day to get out and take a few pics. The colors up north aren't quite as gaudy as they are here, surprisingly. One of the locals told me that...

  • Was this the last we'll see of him?

    01 January 2006 ( #'Sconsin stuff )

    JS Online: SMASHING SUCCESS Of course, Favre is entrenched in the Green Bay annals with numerous records. His top target was Antonio Freeman, who has caught more touchdown passes from Favre - 57 - than anyone else. Freeman said those numbers don't nearly...

  • 2996 Tribute

    11 September 2006

    The original post, with comments, may be found here. [UPDATE: I purchased the Sept. 11th edition of US News and World Report today. Inside, I found an article concerning Cmdr. Shanower's family and the man who recovered him. Read the article here. It's...

  • It was thirty years ago today....

    02 November 2006 ( #music, #Pics and Babbling, #School )

    ...Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play wait, wrong song. November 2nd, 1976. Election Day. The day I left the comforting arms of my home country for my second adventure abroad. At roughly 6 pm the day Jimmy Carter was elected President, I with my...

  • Dawn

    22 March 2012

  • Clouds over ice on Lake Superior

    02 February 2012

  • Image created with #Snapseed

    16 June 2012

  • Ice on the windshield.

    04 March 2012

  • Locker room 1

    04 March 2012

  • Dawn View

    22 February 2012

  • Superior

    11 February 2012

  • Fishun Fewl

    22 February 2012

  • Shiver

    11 February 2012

  • Last of the Ice #Hipstamatic #JohnS #KodotXGrizzled

    22 March 2012

  • Patterns #Hipstamatic #Libatique73 #BlankoNoir

    22 March 2012

  • #Hipstamatic #Loftus #Float

    24 April 2012

  • #Hipstamatic #JohnS #Claunch72Monochrome

    12 June 2012

  • It's a dogs life.. #Hipstamatic #JohnS #KodotXGrizzled

    25 April 2012

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