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  • 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

    08 January 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Like most Nigerians, you're probably finding that it's increasingly difficult to earn a decent living from email. That's why you need to attend the 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference.

  • Anything Left Handed

    06 March 2005 ( #Background )

    Anything Left Handed - Left-handed products and lefthanded people Much as I hate to sound like a spam ad........this site sounds like heaven for a lefty like me--and I am NOT talking politics!!

  • Cat goes Berserk!!!

    23 February 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Cats gone wild!! An otherwise "loving family pet" was shot dead by police after the tabby cat went berserk and terrorized a city family late last week, The Intelligencer has learned. And I thought hair everywhere was a problem?

  • the Mail online | News | Oh no, not January 24th!

    23 January 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Monday Blues With Christmas bills starting to pile up and summer a distant dream, January is not always the happiest time of the year. But it seems the real despair is yet to come. Experts have pinpointed January 24 - next Monday - as the most depressing...

  • Questions.....

    05 April 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    I have to answer this myself, I know. I can't even ask a question like this... damndamndamndamndamn maybe I won't be here on the 20th of August, after all...... outta here.....

  • Yankee or Dixie is back!!

    10 April 2005 ( #Background )

    Southern Dialect Quiz and my score is: 48% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.

  • Take Back the Word

    12 April 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Take Back the Word BUT ALAS, somewhere over the last two decades or so, liberalism lost its root as the word liberal was perverted to the point of Orwellian inversion--and therefore rendered meaningless.

  • Can you tell I'm sorta bored?

    13 April 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Blogthings - Boobie Name Generator Your Boobies' Names Are: Bambi and Thumper Get your own Boobie Names

  • 10 years later

    19 April 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    CBS News | OKC 10 Years Later | April 18, 2005 09:51:11 "It's hard to remember now what life was like in America on April 19, 1995, at 9:01 a.m. CDT. "

  • Sounds like the title of a Dylan Thomas poem, doesn't it?

    20 April 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling ) - Elephants rampage through Seoul - Apr 20, 2005 Oh.....ok.........I see..... "Seoul", not "soul" nevermind....

  • What would we do without British researchers?

    23 April 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling ) - E-mails 'hurt IQ more than pot' - Apr 22, 2005 LONDON, England -- Workers distracted by phone calls, e-mails and text messages suffer a greater loss of IQ than a person smoking marijuana, a British study shows.

  • "On being disliked"

    29 April 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq on National Review Online "Sometimes the caliber of a nation is found not in why it is liked, but rather in why it is not." Sometimes that goes for individuals, too.

  • Die Wagenschenke

    30 April 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Die Wagenschenke - Das Partyzelt am Albanifest in Winterthur. I am Soooo hooked.... 72 metres!!! What's a Wagenschenke, anyway??

  • New name!!

    05 May 2005 ( #meme )

    Instead of the ones I normally get called. My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Divine Battle Axe of Patient Freedom. What's yours? Although, "Battle Axe" does sound vaguely familiar! ;-)

  • heh....

    06 May 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Whether you use it for cuddling, warmth, or to hide from the media, this blanket will come in handy and folds easily during police lineups. jens_blanket

  • 19, eh???

    05 May 2005 ( #meme )

    A 19-year old virgin, you live in the Castle Anthrax. You use your wiles to lure in strangers...tie them to big soft beds and.... Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY? brought to you by Quizilla

  • now THAT'S a headline

    22 May 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Top News Article | "Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures"

  • The Crazy eBay mom

    25 May 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Crazy eBay mom Now I don't feel NEARLY so bad about my EBay account!!! or my messy living room, either. :-O

  • I'm RICH!!!!

    30 May 2005 ( #meme )

    ..but then, I always knew that.....I am, however, trying to figure out why they think I earn $50.00 per hour. Must be that they figure I work a normal schedule, instead of my screwy swing shift. You are in the top 0.767% richest people in the world. There...

  • .. this morning's theme....

    02 June 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Tom Cruise Love? or BPD? I feel a little ill....... :-))

  • Hiya

    30 May 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Welcome to all the BlogExplosion visitors!

  • Spamusement!

    03 June 2005 ( #Pics and Babbling )

    Spamusement! Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines! heh....

  • Well, *this* sucks....

    23 June 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

  • First Tigger.....and now Piglet....

    27 June 2005 ( #Current Affairs ) - John Fiedler, voice of Piglet, dies - Jun 27, 2005 NEW YORK (AP) -- John Fiedler, a stage actor who won fame as the voice of Piglet in Walt Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh films, died Saturday, The New York Times reported in Monday editions. He was...

  • Sandra D is retiring

    01 July 2005 ( #Current Affairs )

    We haven't had enough bickering about filibusters yet, and we're all itching for a good old partisan showdown to last the rest of the summer.......