Published on May 5 2008

Yep. That's me. I follow the rules. I only drive 58 in the 55 zone. I (more or less) always pay my bills. On time, even. I turn in my schoolwork on time even if it means a day off is *completely* devoted to writing a paper. I don't call in sick to work unless I'm half dead. So when I walk into a theater to see a concert and find it is literally plastered with "NO CAMERAS" and "NO PHOTOGRAPHS" signs, I keep my camera in the bag and enjoy the music. We had great seats in the front of the lower balcony in a small theater seating only a couple hundred, so were only roughly 50 feet from the stage at most-- in a room with wonderful acoustics for an excellent show. It was great to be able to see a concert without having to put in earplugs to hear the music, too. (Am I getting old, or *what*?) Luckily for you, not everybody is as much a goody-goody as I am, so you get to hear what for me was one of the *two* highlights of the show. (The first one was being able to shout "Go Bobcats" when Dewey mentioned meeting Gerry "way back in the 60's at our high school in England", and then him looking in the direction of the balcony as he said "oh yes.... Central High".) Anyway, I looooved the guitar intro to this song....
and you can go here to see the VFTHW for this stop on the America tour. And after a concert and a 12 hour shift on two hours sleep in the last 24, my next view will be...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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