Now *this* is growing old disgracefully!

Published on August 20 2006

Sixty may be the new 40 but Bill Clinton hates it - Yahoo! News Apparently my whiny cohort, the Baby Boomers, are beginning to hit the big ole SIX-OH, and not liking it!
"Sixty is the new 40. You see baby boomers buying Harley-Davidsons and taking off on a trip," said AARP executive Shereen Remez."But baby boomers are also continuing to work because they didn't save like their parents. They used credit cards."
mine Ouch. I guess I'm more typical than I thought. My littlest baby is a 100th Anniversary DynaGlide. We won't talk about the credit cards.
In a book being released next month, "Sixty Things To Do When You Turn Sixty," a group of doctors, comedians, entrepreneurs and authors offer tips for turning 60. They from taking up meditation and running a marathon to being a grouch.
"Grouch". Great. That's what *I* wanna be! But Garrison Keillor says it best.
"There's a new survey out saying that people who take a positive view of aging actually live longer than those who grouse and grumble, which is hogwash and I am paying no attention to it," write U.S. comedian Garrison Keillor."I turned 60 last week and it's no picnic and anybody who says so is whistling in the dark."

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Precious, Ha ha ha I love it!
Looking at 46 in another month, myself-- for some reason, this one bites a little more than the others. Eh, there is a very good reason for that, but life goes on.... and it's all good.<br /> <br /> And the ride? Her nickname is "Precious", and she <i>loves</i> to run!
Y'know, I'm thinking that when I reach 60, I'm gonna finally learn how to ride a motorcycle. Then I'm gonna take off to wherever. I'm turning 46 on the 30th, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I don't anticipate 60 being different. I'm going to take each year I get as blessing instead of a curse.<br /> <br /> And it would be the likes of Bill Clinton and Garrison Keillor leading the whines.<br /> <br /> BTW, Laurie. Nice ride.