Weekly Horrorscope and my new pal Arthur-itis

Published on August 6 2006

This week August 7 through August 13 The Full Moon in your love and romance zone on Wednesday may bring even more feelings to the surface, and this may not help your current situation. Love and friendship could become extremely muddled at this time, and trying to choose what do next could be very hard going. When Mercury moves into Leo on Thursday, you may find talking about it all doesn’t exactly help. The Sun opposes Neptune on Friday, and this may completely alter your perception of what you thought was happening. Again, don’t believe what you see just yet, as things will probably look very different next week.
I just knew there was a full moon coming!! Well, while I ponder the constellations' effect on my love life, I think I'll take my knobby knees off to the orthopedist again. ANY excuse to drive the big red waterski!!! UPDATE: The verdict is in. I have a "cute" arthritis, lol. Personally, I don't find it all that attractive, but there you are. Arthritis, a nasty sprain, don't walk on concrete (?!?!), keep working out all I can stand, arthroscopic surgery maybe next month (but that may not help). Sigh. Aging is not for sissies. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to stay off concrete. :-))

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