Mouthing off on the Yates verdict

Published on July 28 2006

Rusty Yates: 'Case was built on lies'
Yates, an engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center, said he plans to visit his ex-wife regularly, but his role in her life will diminish as he moves on with his own. He remarried in March and now has two stepsons. "I don't forget my children, and I don't forget Andrea, but I don't dwell on it either. I try to remember my children fondly," he said. "I'm building new life ... and have a new family and am more focused on them."
Aww, isn't that precious?
Yates said he was nervous on Wednesday as he waited for the verdict. The family, which has always supported Andrea, was devastated when she was convicted at the first trial 2002, he said. Yates had testified for the defense in that first trial, and he said Thursday he didn't know why he wasn't asked to testify again. "In some respects," he said, "I know Andrea better than anybody."
I'm thinking that I can guess why. Some of us out here wonder how you, knowing your wife was mentally ill, seeing all these signs of a woman in, as the defense called it, severe post-partum psychosis; not worry just a teensy bit about making it worse by knocking her up again and again--and then making her--or letting her-- homeschool all 5 of them, as well? After reading about his testimony at the first trial, I wondered why *he* wasn't on trial, too! I normally don't agree with a whole lot on CommonDreams, but this article from back in 2002 still makes him dense. Seeing as how he knows her "better than anybody", after all.
Rusty Yates claims he and Andrea jointly made decisions -- including Andrea giving birth to all five children without pain control measures; Andrea abandoning her nursing career to become a homemaker; Andrea home-schooling the children; the family moving from their four-bedroom house into a 38-foot trailer and an adjacent 350-square-foot motor home. Rusty has repeatedly shared his disgust with the medical system's handling of Andrea's case. He has asked how she could have been so ill while the medical community failed to diagnose her, treat her and protect the rest of the family from her. He plans to sue Andrea's last psychiatrist, Dr. Mohammad Saeed, who took Andrea off her medication three weeks before she killed her five children. Andrea's family, the Kennedys, claims Rusty was not attentive enough to Andrea's mental health needs. The Kennedy family has a history of mental illness that affects several members. Time magazine has reported that Andrea's brother and sister both suffer from depression, another brother has bipolar disorder, and the father who died after years of Alzheimer's may have had depression. This family demonstrates the genetic nature of mental illness.

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