Say it ain't so, Mel!!!

Published on July 29 2006

Hair transplants? Speeding and drunk Driving? Mel, what's happening to you??? [UPDATE] Hmmm, looks like my main drool-ee since the 80's has *really* fallen flat on his face. Read this for an interesting view into what turns out to be another fat-headed too-rich Hollywood drunk who happens to look kinda cute in a kilt. Yeah, I realise it's a gossip rag and it's all publicity out there, but....still.
"F-----g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mee's report quotes him as saying. "Are you a Jew?" Gibson asked the deputy, according to the report. The actor also berated the deputy, threatening, "You motherf----r. I'm going to f--- you," according to Mee's report. The actor also told the cop he "owns Malibu" and would spend all his money "to get even with me," Mee said in his report. TMZ quoted a law enforcement source as saying Gibson noticed a female sergeant on the scene and yelled at her, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t--s?"

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Thank you for the reaction but I only meant that we do not exactly know the situation he was in when he grabbed the bottle. I don't think he drank for the fun of it. Not that it is an excuse either way but being human and all I can imagine a lot of circumstances worthy of a few drinks. If he had an argument at home for instance, he as a celeb, won't go telling the world about that, drunk or not. (knowing such situations being the daughter of a drunk).<br /> Anyway...yes it is stupid but people who drive under influence are not exactly known for their sensibility, that is partly the reason why it isn't allowed.<br /> Yes, he knew those words, we all do and we all can be blasphemous at times, and shout at people but that doesn't mean we mean the words said in anger or said while drunk.<br /> I only hope he'll overcome the battle with the bottle.
Hiya Liz;<br /> <br /> I don't think all this hoopla has anything to do with whether he made a movie about the crucifixion or not. I never saw the film. I also highly doubt that the police arresting him that night were taunting him or insulting him about the movie. <br /> <br /> I also know we say stupid things when we're drunk (heck, I can be pretty clueless when I'm completely sober). On the other hand, I don't think alcohol magically turns you into a horrible somebody who would use those epithets; he knew those words long before he had the first beer of the evening. Alcohol is no excuse.<br /> <br /> And getting into a car drunk-driving 85 in a 45 zone? Stupid. Just stupid.
Yeah, he made a huge mistake and knowing peoples nature, it will probably ruin him, in a way that was bound to happen sooner or later. We all know he's an alcohol addict. You never recover from that illness. And it only takes a bad day and a couple of beers to drag you from fame to 'bad guy'.<br /> I don't think he's a bad guy. I think fame costs. Living in a glass house. People wanting your autograph but if you make a mistake, they crucify you instantly and with pleasure.<br /> I really hope this incident (and that is what is was) won't bankrupt him entirely and that people realise that he's just human and that we all make mistakes.<br /> We all say stupid things when we are drunk, we don't think clearly and perhaps he had to swallow some major insults(AGAIN)about his movie "The Passion". A movie he (and only he)dared to make. A movie which made him vulnerable in many different ways. He showed his honest believes to the world. And it is (imho) just BECAUSE he made that movie he is being punished double now.<br /> Let's just suppose he really is a jewhater (which I do not believe to be so)he will be punished by his own God for it and it's not our job to throw stones. I am apalled to read weblogs and columns in newspapers that incite we all should boycot him. Who are they to shout such messages. I think (sober)people who do so are a great deal worse than the (drunk)mistake Mel Gibson made. He was drunk then, we can react sober. Let's please act that way. Let's not lose this creative man.<br /> (And yes I know this was a very long reply, I'm sorry for that)