Smart Washing Machines

Published on July 20 2006

Whirlpool Tests 'Smart' Washers Controlled by Cell Phones - Mobiledia
Whirlpool today began testing "smart" washing machines and dryers, monitored and controled from computers and cell phones. To be conducted in Atlanta homes between today and early September, Laundry Time is built around a connected laundry solution that links a washer and dryer to a home network and sends text messages about the laundry's progress to a computer, TV and/or cell phone. The technology lets consumers manage the laundry process from remote locations such as a grocery store or soccer game, freeing them up to go about their day rather than forcing them to stay home to manage the process.
Almost worth moving to Georgia for!! On the other hand, if it doesn't fold the shirts and towels and match up the socks, what good is it?

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