Published on June 20 2006

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Caldwell said a joint U.S.-Iraqi force found the bodies of Privates Thomas Lowell Tucker, 25, and Kristian Menchaca, 23, on Monday night dumped at an electrical plant. The recovery of the bodies was delayed by having to defuse bombs planted nearby. He did not make clear whether the bodies themselves or the site were booby-trapped: "There were some IEDs in that location and they did have to dismantle some stuff to get to them." Iraqi Defense Ministry official Major General Abdul Aziz Mohammed told Reuters earlier that the bodies showed signs of "barbaric torture." He did not elaborate. The U.S. military launched a massive search for the soldiers involving aircraft and 8,000 U.S troops and Iraqi security forces after vowing not to leave them "out there."
I am just shaking reading this. I want to drop an f'ing bomb on those miserable excuses for human being myself. They tortured these soldiers to death and then booby-trapped their bodies with bombs. And the world thinks we are The Great Satan for photographs of prisoners with panties on their heads. I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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You can say that again! Ya gotta love Mark Levin. I agree with his article completely. We live in strange times when soldiers are forced to fight terrorist with a rule book in hand yet the enemy insurgents resort to every brutal tactic they can dream up to kill us. Our soldiers fight the physical battle risking life and limb and our politicians and bleeding heart liberal activists are manipulated by the terrorists who would not only kill every last one of us infidels if given the chance, but are using images of their brutality on our own media to defeat us at home. They are using a form of psychological warfare on us that we are almost oblivious to. They don't fear us because they terrorize us in our media and our stupid media perpetuates it. I agree with Mad about dropping the bomb, if we started wiping a few cities off the face of the map, those who are protecting them would give them up. They don't respect us because they don't fear us; it's as simple as that.