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Published on June 20 2006

I *think* I have just been plagiarized for the first time!!! I'm not sure whether to be flattered or pissed, lol. Compare my original 4th paragraph in a short essay for a question in American History class:
"Another factor at play during this time was voting rights. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the previously mentioned protections to all citizens, but specific guarantees to the right to vote only came with the passage of the Fifteenth amendment in 1870. Indians, of course, did not benefit from this amendment. Women as well did not gain suffrage (Item 2), although they made strides in other areas, gaining entrance to education previously denied (Item 6)."
To this one:
"The right to vote came with the passage of the fifteenth amendment in 1870, which specifically guarantees the right to vote. Indians did not benefit from the fifteenth amendment and neither did the women. The woman did not gain suffrage but they gained access to education in which was previously denied. "
There were other similarities, but that paragraph was about as ballsy as it gets, considering we can all see everyone else' essays. The only reason I even caught this was because in re-reading my own essay after I posted, I had decided I really hated my last sentence. I thought I had made it sound like the Fourteenth Amendment was the reason women were able to go to college, when that wasn't the case. And here it was, the same badly worded thought in somebody else's essay. I can't decide whether I should whine someplace other than just here, or maybe just mention in the class comments thread that I reallyreallyREALLY liked how she phrased her fourth paragraph. Such emotion! Such drama!! Such incredible ecstasy to read!! Or would that be too smartass???? Heh....

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[...] I have decided that I am no longer even mildly flattered by plagiarism. In fact, I am downright pissed, to the point of steam coming out my ears this morning when I signed into class!! My first paragraph in discussion in class, turned in last night: Malcolm X and his family were typical African-Americans in their experience of racism and poverty in early to mid- twentieth century America. Malcolm X’ first experiences of racism came about as a result of the work of his father, the Reverend Earl Little, on behalf of Marcus Garvey and the black separatist movement. X states that the reason his father believed in this movement was that he had seen “four of his six brothers die by violence, three of them killed by white men, one by lynching” (Malcolm X, pge 4) Lynchings were far too common in the years after World War 1, 78 lynchings recorded in 1919 alone. (Divine, 710) [...]
This was posted on the class site this morning:<br /> <br /> <blockquote>"If I cannot make this clearer, I will do so now. Students must write all of their postings in their own words. Students may not cut and paste their postings or portions of their postings off Internet sites."</blockquote><br /> <br /> Hmmmm, hope that wasn't directed at ME!! :))
...typing, dear....simply poor typing.<br /> <br /> or we can blame it on the spellchekker.
<i>The woman did not gain suffrage but they gained access to education in which was previously denied.</i><br /> <br /> I'm glad the woman can vote now. I bet she's happy.