Fukuyama was right

Published on June 10 2006

We truly are at the the end of history. I have just seen a video of Diamond Dave doing....banjos... It still hurts. David Lee Roth Performs Bluegrass Style! - Peter's Reviews
David Lee Roth was on the Tonight Show last night promoting the new Bluegrass Tribute to Van Halen CD that just came out called "Strummin' With the Devil".
Oh, dear lord, is that a combover?????????

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"Sammy Hagar attempting to get back into his Red Rocker tights...."

Gee thanks, Scott, for that image. I owe you BIGtime.
I, uh, da, er, Someone must have drug'd me because I swear I just saw Diamond Dave doing 1984's Jump with the Hee Haw back up band! Armagedon must be next. That was almost as bad as Sammy Hagar attempting to get back into his Red Rocker tights!I think I need to sit down for a minute....