No, I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth

Published on May 30 2006

It just feels that way. I think it's the heat--after a few hours of working out in those temps (add a *few* degrees for being inside a large metal building with steam flows of 200,000 pounds per hour), I'm just all drug out by the time I roll in. #1 child begins her orientation for her "summer kid" work out there today. She's probably even less suited to 100-degree temperatures than I am--but she's on straight day shift with WEEKENDS off!! I'm still trying to figure out how she managed that! And if it takes all summer, I *will* get a picture of her in her gawd-awful neon blue T-shirt with "STUDENT" stamped on the back in 6-inch letters. We can spot the college kids from across town in those things. :-D Thankfully, only low 80's for high temps today. It's not even JUNE yet--maybe Al Gore was right!

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