best Mother's Day gift ever!

Published on May 14 2006

Help with Homework!!! I spent the afternoon cleaning up the last of this @#($)% essay (Toni Morrison, I'm hoping that one day I will again be able to read your work without screaming), and decided on a whim to send it off to kid#1 the English geek/ college daughter. Just wanted to see how much of a giggle she'd get out of Old Mom's babbling. Just wanted to see if anybody else could understand wth I was trying to say--I could no longer step back far enough to see if I made any sense. I was trying to cram my size ten feet into size six shoes. Ten minutes later, the phone rang. "Mom, happy Mother's Day. Your citations are no good." Apparently in the centuries since I was last in school, colleges have switched over to something called MLA style citations. No more roman numerals, footnotes, endnotes, or ibids. None of the stuff I SPENT TWO HOURS on yesterday! x-( Thankfully, it didn't take too long to convert my incorrectly-done citations to the new format. I still can't get over the idea that the MLA format looks weird, though. The essay is DONE, though. Turned in. Out of my hands. Thank God I have a smart, ex-writing lab kid willing to take a bit out of her day to put her mom on the road to (maybe--keep fingers crossed) a "B"!!! I think this means I buy the next sushi dinner.

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Now come on, don't exaggerate.<br /> <br /> Your assignment was to summarize ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY only up to the Civil War. In four pages.<br /> <br /> That's not so hard now, is it?
Mmm, sushi! <br /> <br /> (Don't worry--I needed to get away from summarizing ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY in four pages.)<br /> <br /> Happy Mom's Day :)