Thelma and Louise go to Point

Published on May 13 2006

Went on a little roadtrip yesterday afternoon with my mother--I just had to escape Toni Morrison for awhile, and Mom is usually ready to go anywhere if she doesn't have to do the driving. We don't get to hang out enough, so sometimes these little trips are in order. We made a stop at Herrschners, which is always a slightly dangerous place for me. Especially if I have money. I managed to get out of there with only minor damage to the checking account, only picking up three skeins of yarn for a shawl-in-progress. I can browse in there for hours if left alone, fondling the merchandise. :-D The real danger came on the trip back, when we swung off the highway to this place. They must have known I was coming, because as we walked in the door a woman walked out from the back room carrying bags of cheese curds. Fresh curds. Warm cheese curds. Oh my god, WHITE cheese curds. 'Scuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. Ok, better now. Carrying my two precious bags of warm, squeaky cheese curds (I swear, they were squeaking in the bag!), I wandered around the rest of the retail store, looking at various offerings of cheeses and sausages shaped like beer bottles. And then I found it. Lemon curd. Lime curd. Oh my. This was one of my favorite treats back in England. I think the English used it in every dessert they made, from tarts to trifles. It was on everything. It's sorta like a custard, sorta like a jam--and tart and sweet as a lemon drop candy. Mom asked what you do with it, would you put it on toast?-- but I had to honestly tell her that I never bothered with spreading it on anything. The only way I remembered eating it was right out of the jar with a spoon. Good thing I didn't have a spoon in the car.

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Yeah, Thats got to be the same stuff I'm thinking of. I liked it at first but after a year and a half of having that slung on your food I can live a life time without it now. I prefer to find an authentic Fish and Chips place. You know, the kind of place where they wrap the fish in old news paper. That was the greatest. I've got to take a trip back there. Hey, Email me, I need to talk to you about something important. Bye.
Lol, I remember that!! I don't remember it on the bangers, though, lol. It's sorta like the lemon part of lemon meringue pie. Sound like the same stuff?

(I couldn't do the mushy peas with mint, either Gag.)
Lemon Curd? Is that the same as Lemon Custard? I remember them slopping that stuff on everything they ate. I had to draw the line when they slung it on the Bangers and beans or the mushy peas w/mint. Yek! They were nasty enough as it was! I have to admit though the Custard had a taste of its own.