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Published on May 11 2006

Here I am, parked at the dining room table, working on Toni Morrison. I took a break to refill the coffee cup, and looked at a couple of favorite sites. One of them contained a link to the Eagle Cam, which is a webcam focused on an eagle's nest in British Columbia. The chicks are fuzzy little things, and ugly as hell right now. But I could see them moving around, so I turned up the volume on the laptop to see if I could hear them as well. Absolute dead silence from the birdcage on the other side of the room. The cockatiels fell silent for the first time in the dozen years we've had them. Apparently they don't like the sound of eagle peeps! Can't wait till Momma Eagle comes back to the nest! I gotta record this, to play back when Bart and Crybaby take off on one of their "extended squawks". K. 'Nuff torturing the 'tiels. Back to Morrison.

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