It's spring! IT'S SPRING, DAMMIT!!!

Published on May 11 2006

Yesterday...temps in the 70's and sunshine after a bit of rain in the morning. I wore shorts and a tank top for my bike ride. Got a little (welcome) sun on the legs. :-) Today....the temp is 32 degrees and we are in the midst of an ice-and-sleet storm. I am outfitted in full sweats and my sheepskin slippers over wool sox, and if you think I am setting foot out in that mess, think again! :-( I'm buried in an English Lit paper, anyway. UPDATE: I absolutely refused to take any photos of the stuff that fell out of the sky, but local photog Tom was braver than I!!

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Hey Mad!<br /> <br /> Thanks for the link off your blog and the comments and kind words. I put a link back to yours on the Wausaublog. Just for your info, when you are passing along the link, I have a real domain saves a few keystrokes for those who type it in.<br /> <br /> Great blog! Have fun!<br /> <br /> Bill