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Published on May 3 2006

Yep, if you happen to surf in to sell me *v*i*a*g*r*a*, or a mortgage, or swampland in Florida, you'll notice that I am farting around with the templates again. It's fun to play in the sandbox. Even got the stupid sitemeter working again (fingers crossed. hope.hope.). I may have missed at least thirty or forty spammers!!! Testing, testing to add a picture. Not sure what to think of the blonde stuff yet. It's awful bright.

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your quote " blue boxes are hard to read because of little contrast between font color and background color. it is especially bad on laptops because screen angle has a lot to do with contrast. please change font color to white or yellow. give us poor vision people a break. thanks. p.s. i like your site. good job!
why yes, Bill, of COURSE I do!! It's one of my better pictures, if I do say so myself!


Shama-lama-DING-dong, baby! Woo hoo! It *does* look bright! Got any more?