AP concert

Published on August 27 2004

Saw a great show last night--one of Ken's favorite old bands from the Seventies-- Alan Parsons Project. Strange seeing them at a casino, but it was actually a pretty good show. We were all seated at tables in a room the size of an average high school gym, and we had seats right down front. I could have reached out and touched the stage. I was never a huge AP fan like Ken, but they were actually pretty good, and I enjoyed hearing the tunes off the new album "A Valid Path". The highlight for Ken came when we did the meet and greet after the show, and Ken got his Tshirt signed. He wasn't real happy when I told him that he could never wear it now, because I don't think the signature would hold up to the washing machine!! http://www.alanparsonsmusic.com/home.html

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