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Published on April 19 2006

I really need to quit reading testbooks and get back to something a little more FUN! Ah well, another month will find me finished with the semester. :D Kate O'Beirne on To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewives
Uncomfortable truths are her specialty. The fact that the women movement's achievements — predicated on freeing women from housework and child care — "have been bought at the expense of poor women, often of poor brown-skinned women, is a bitter irony that very few feminists will discuss directly, other than to murmur something vague about 'universal day care' and then, on reflex, blame the Republicans." Her own experiences with just such a poor woman are affectionately and emotionally related. "That I knew my boys would love her is why I hired her. That they did was unnerving me to the core," she writes.

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