The Human Clock

Published on April 15 2006

This is the neatest clock! Every minute of the day is represented by a photo depicting that time. I hate to say I could sit and watch the clock for hours, but.... The Human Clock™ - A Clock Photo for Every Minute of the Day
    -Flowerbeds that need raking call me. -Two quilts that need finishing. -Homework. Three weeks to go this semester, and we have been given the "Final" assignment for the Lit class. I'm trying to read the stories, and pick one out for the paper, but I just can't get excited over any of them. Thankfully, it looks like I'll get my vacation the first week of May, so maybe if things go smoothly here, I'll get a chance to really apply some thought to the final. (fingers crossed) -Taxes. (Yeah, I'm one of those last minute people, since it looks like I have to pay in to the state. THAT check gets mailed at 11:59 tomorrow night.) -Need to get my miles in today. Amazing how out-of-shape I got over the winter, even with the trips to the gym. -Homework.
I guess it's just a little reminder that "life is short". On the other hand, when I look at something like this, I think maybe my load isn't quite so bad. I especially liked the ad for a "Part-time dental hygenist-attractive". Guess that lets me out!! Homely dental hygenists need not apply!! :-)) The clock is still neat, though. :-

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