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Published on March 29 2006

This colonialism on our continent (what you call "North America")must end,as was done in Algeria, in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia),and as needs to be done in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. We as human beings in the Mexica Movement will not allow ourselves, nor will we allow our people, to live as slaves in this European-made hell that Europeans have made out of our continent; nor will we allow our people to be divided by European colonialism, a colonialism of racism, poverty and oppression, and death, that controls our lives in Canada, "the U.S.", Mexico, "Central America", and the rest of this "Western Hemisphere. Europeans have a homeland: EUROPE. We are only asking unwelcomed guests to leave our home. Europeans have a home to go to, it's not as if Europeans are being asked to go into the Atlantic Ocean. The non-European world does not owe Europeans a living from our lands, our continents, or our labor. The world is not obligated to serve European interests in the way that you are not obligated to keep a cancer in your body or in the way that you do not allow parasites to feed off of your body. A cancer must be removed and parasites must also be removed, for the sake of your life as a healthy human being. We Nican Tlaca of all of Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere") have no obligation to be foreigners on our own land, on our own continent ---and poor because we have been robbed of the natural resource wealth of our continent---just because Europeans have "declared" borders on our continent ---telling us where we can go and where we cannot go.
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