A fine spring day

Published on March 20 2006

Spring is in the air!! And the ice-fishing is really bad now! :-D first day of spring Taking a break along the road. bridge Such stylish attire for a ride....longjohns under the jeans, long-sleeved shirt under the sweatshirt. Wool-over-Thinsulate mittens. At least I didn't forget the hat! dressed up Even all the cars are coming out in their newest spring paintjobs. nice paint

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yeah, yeah, yeah, Scott. Just keep rubbing it in.

Ice cubes, eh???

I'll be thinking of you this summer when it's 100 degrees down there and ......oh yeah.....99 degrees here. :-P
Hey Sis, come down to Georgia and you can ride wearing shorts. It was a Balmy 75-80 degrees last week. Course I forgot all you ice cubes will melt in the heat~~~~~~
Aw :( I really want my bike, haha.