Saturday Night Fever, ca.2006

Published on March 18 2006

In an ongoing effort to add that background music to my life, tonight I'm headed off to see this guy and this guy in concert. It's part of my Jazz history class. One of the requirements is that we attend a "live jazz performance" for one of the three reviews we'll write during the semester. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a "live jazz performance" in northern Wisconsin? I've been googling my little heart out for 8 weeks now--I just missed a jazz festival at a college within two hours' driving distance--by one day. This thing tonight didn't come cheap, either--I had to buy a membership to the Woods and Waters Fine Arts Council. Eh, what the heck. Maybe I'll get all cultured up!! Wonder if I can manage to get lost between here and Park Falls? With my unerring sense of direction...yep, more than likely! Jazz out.

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Martinis? Vermouth & Gin? :-&


Although I wished I'd known about that (hint, hint) before I spent all that $$ to join the W&WFAC.
They have shows here in Wausau weekly or bi-weekly too at the martini bar downtown. It's a cute little place.