They're Ba-a-a-ck

Published on March 15 2006

Spring is truly springing, I think. I pulled into the yard today to see eagles in the trees across the road. Got out of the car and went to see--two males and a female sitting on the tops of some trees--being tormented by a group of crows. ( A gaggle of crows? a pride of crows? I know there's a name for them) A third male was flying in a circle above all this. Every so often, one of the crows would dive at the larger birds, and would get a screech in return. I've seen hundreds of eagles, but this was the first time I've ever heard one!! The crows finally gave up on chasing the bigger birds away, and flew off to find somebody else to bother. The two males in the tree started fussing and screeching at each other, while chickie bird sat calmly glaring at me and shaking her tailfeathers for the boys. I've never heard such a racket as came out of those two males. Then they both took off, leaving the female still in the tree. The male that had been circling above all this time made his move, landing about three feet from the female. She, however, was bored with all of these flirtations and flew away, leaving her rejected suitor in his tree. Ah, the birds and the bees...... Still, it's pretty cool to see the eagles back. Ken got the video camera out, but I still haven't figured out how to transfer video to DVD--or to any digital format, for that matter. I've got the music thing down, but haven't a clue about video.

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