think I'm going to go lie down now...

Published on March 10 2006

but WooHOOOOO!!! the first bike of the year!!! It got up to 46 degrees this afternoon and I just HAD to go try it! I don't care how many miles I put in on the stationary bike at the club. It doesn't matter how many mountains I climbed on the elliptical. It doesn't matter how many rivers I rowed on that damn ROM machine. It's STILL the first bike ride of the year. A short half hour of dodging mud puddles and grinning back at the horrified looks on drivers' faces (bet I make the news on WJJQ tomorrow, lol). Only five little short miles, and I feel like my legs are on fire. Not to mention, I froze my ears. Again. I WILL remember to grab my earmuffs next time. But it's nice to know that there are other complete idiots winter enthusiasts out there, too. And spring is coming!!!!

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