Never Own Your Home Outright.

Published on March 6 2006

Never Own Your Home Outright.
Never Own Your Home Outright. Instead, Get a Big 30-year Mortgage, and Never Pay It Off — Regardless of Your Age and Income
Well, according to this guy, I did EVERYTHING wrong. It's fun to do everything wrong sometimes, though. I paid it off today. All of it. My home is now free and CLEAR. The only thing that even slightly marred the experience was when I marched in, cash in hand, to make the final payments. The nice young gal behind the desk asked my name, since I had forgotten (of course!) to bring the account number along. Strangely, I was not in the computer anywhere. Hmmmm....turns out I don't exist. "You should have given me your husband's name right away--everything is in his name" was her only comment. Figures. I've been writing --and backing up-- the checks for over twenty years, but as far as the world is concerned I'm still the "widdle wifey at home", lol. Do I hear Bob Seger's "Feel like a Number" playing in the background?? I don't care. It's done. It's DONEDONEDONEDONE!!!! Bring it on, ye equity-loan-spammers, ye home-improvement-mailbox-stuffers!!! <:-P<:-P<:-P<:-P

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That makes me angry. Who's been doing the ****ing work, anyway!?

*walks off in a feminist huff*