Nah, we don't drink much in 'sconsin

Published on March 1 2006

When I'm working on night shift, at least one of our two-ways is usually turned to scan the emergency channels. Friday and Saturday nights are one 10-55 after another, sometimes 20 or 30 of them in one evening. Isn't there *any*thing else to do up here? movies? anything? One crash leads to four OWIs
TOWN OF MILTON-It's not very often that two drunken drivers are arrested after a crash. Or three. Or four. But that was the case early Sunday morning on Highway 26 just north of John Paul Road, according to the Rock County Sheriff's Department. After two drunken drivers collided, a third drunken driver crashed into them, and a fourth later attempted to drive through the crash scene. "It was a heck of night," third shift patrol Sgt. Josh Lund said.

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