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Published on February 11 2006

Look out, they want your money, but the name thing is kinda fun!
Your First Name of: Laurie * Your name of Laurie gives you a very happy-go-lucky, spontaneous nature. * You see the humorous side of many situations and can laugh at yourself as well as at others.
Yup, I have to beat them to it!!
* This name gives you a musical, artistic nature and you would do well in any occupation in the entertainment field. * You have many friends because of your generous, happy nature, but if crossed you have a quick temper, although your annoyance does not last too long. * You do enjoy an argument and will at times say things just to get others going and then you sit back and enjoy the debate.
They don't have *me* pegged at all, do they? :-"
* You lack system and order and find it very difficult to budget and save money.
See above smart, self-deprecating remark.
* Although the name Laurie creates idealism and the urge to help others, we emphasize that it frustrates you through a scattered and emotional nature. * This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the nervous system, liver, and bloodstream.
I'm thinking it's not really worth the $35 to get the bad news about my liver.

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