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Published on February 4 2006

Some Most of the spam that comes to this account is just plain annoying. It's usually vIaGrA ads, offers to refinance my real estate--and why do all these spammers think I live in Menagha, Minnesota? Did I lie about my zip code on a website once? Anyway, this spam caught my eye.
The more outrageous the claim --------------------------------- COPY the Addreass below and paste in your WEaB BROaWSER: (address deleted by ME!!!) ---------------------------------- V a l id for 24 Hrs. Up through the darkness,. Hooch lived on her own and looked after the needs of all the caravans on the site. I had nothing further to do with them,. (Many the burials, many the days and nights, passing away,) Of the apple her stepmother. Get back to you later, Erma Jones
I'm not really sure what they're trying to sell me, but I'm pretty sure it isn't literature. Considering the caravans, maybe they're trying to sell me camels??

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Sounds like you've been "STEELER'D" to me. I didn't know the super bowl relied so heavily on prayer, though.<br /> Should we all start calling you "Pigskin"? :-))
Even weirder, I got this spam a few minutes ago from a spoof address. They're... well, not really selling anything... but...<br /> <br /> -----<br /> <br /> Dear Pigskin, <br /> <br /> Thank you for the gathering in Detroit today of 65,000 followers and <br /> for millions around your High Definition alters, Television sets, bars, and radios <br /> Bless them all gathering with the same purpose and dedication.<br /> <br /> We gather in this same way every year to watch the final yearly battle between the <br /> warriors that only know attitude. <br /> <br /> Please show us your chosen ones by having them flat backing the Seahawks at every <br /> opportunity.<br /> <br /> Let Ben's arm be strong and true and let his feet be fast and sure. Please show <br /> Walter the tribulations of coming up against our linebackers.<br /> <br /> Let Troy slow down Alexander and Parker rush more yards than ever; let Bettis, rush <br /> TDs; Ward, Catch more balls and TDs. And of course Porter, get his sacks and please <br /> have Chris Intercept everything he can get close to.<br /> <br /> Please forgive the fans of the Seahawks for the things they will say after they lose <br /> the game knowing that their Team also dedicated their lives to this moment yet were <br /> simply mistaken in their convictions and did not recognize the intentions of your <br /> superior will.<br /> <br /> In your GAME we humbly pray.<br /> <br /> Amen