Man who shot pope fails to report to police

Published on January 14 2006

Gee, now who would have EVER guessed that this would happen?
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- The Turkish gunman who shot Pope John Paul II failed to report to a police station Friday -- the day after his release from prison -- and authorities said the military could ask for his arrest for draft-dodging. Mehmet Ali Agca was required to report daily to a police station to allow authorities to keep tabs on him until at least officials decide on whether he should serve his military service. Istanbul Gov. Muammer Guler said Agca -- whose whereabouts were unknown -- had not reported to any police station by Friday evening. Guler said Agca was also required to report to a military hospital on Monday. "If he doesn't show up, he will be listed as a draft-dodger" and his arrest could be sought, Guler said.

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