BAD Arnold

Published on January 11 2006

Arnie gets an owie
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Recalling his days as one of Hollywood's most popular action stars, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday that a weekend accident won't stop him from riding motorcycles. As an actor, he said, he had to sign contracts covering possible injuries from stunts. "I did all those things anyway," Schwarzenegger said. "I never played by the rules."
Yep, a TRUE wild man. I don't need no steenkin' license!
Sacramento, Calif. -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was riding his motorcycle illegally over the weekend when he collided with a car in his Los Angeles neighborhood, police said Tuesday. Los Angles Police Lt. Paul Vernon said Schwarzenegger does not have the proper endorsement on his California driver's license to operate a motorcycle. Earlier Tuesday, Schwarzenegger, a Harley Davidson owner who rides regularly along the California coast, acknowledged that he never bothered to obtain a motorcycle license because he "never thought about it. . . . It was just one of those things that I never really did."
Guess he didn't want the embarassment of driving around with a neon orange plastic vest and a white helmet with goofy antennae for his motorcycle test. That *would* sorta be a contrast with the tough guy image, wouldn't it? Of course, he might try out THIS type of helmet:

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