Cataloging my ruination

Published on January 1 2006

Midlife Assessment - Cataloging my ruination. By Jonathan Ames
I'm 41 years old, and I'm absolutely falling apart. I'll start from the top and work my way down, cataloging, as it were, my disintegration.
And after reading this guy's "catalog", I feel positively YOUTHFUL, even though I'm four years older. Although there are days when I feel like an old cripple-- especially after a half hour on the elliptical-- at least I can still crawl up onto the thing. However, I am counting the days till I can get the Trek out again. I told a friend in all seriousness that if it weren't for the ice on the streets, I'd be riding it right now. I wonder if they make snowtires for bicycles?

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a little bit of whining over aches and pains is one thing--but if I *ever* get as bad as that guy, I hope somebody shoots me!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Reading that whole thing gave me the biggest bunch of heebie jeebies I ahev ever had in a long time! What a complete wacko! "...irritable bowel syndrome brought on by heartbreak"? "...after playing a marathon game of Wiffle ball with my son, a strange lump formed in the palm of my right hand"? "...the occasional unconscious exploration of my nostrils with a digit (i.e., finger)"????