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Published on December 30 2005

Teenage Adventure
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An American teenager ran away to Baghdad over Christmas and survived probably the most dangerous destination in the world before being packed off home by the U.S. military, U.S. officials said on Friday. Farris (Bueller?) Hassan, the 16-year-old son of Iraqi immigrants to Florida, showed up at the Baghdad bureau of an American news agency on Tuesday and recounted a tale of foolhardy daring by a would-be journalist on a far-fetched school project, the Associated Press said in a report on its unlikely visitor. Unable to speak Arabic, the dangers of his predicament began to dawn on him when he went out of his hotel looking for food and had to pull out his phrase book.
And we worry about kids' drinking parties up here, or our little Ferris Bueller's days off? Can you imagine that phone call to his parents? "Hi son, where have you been?" ...long pause.... "You're WHERE????" (Not to mention, I want to read THAT report on "What I did for Christmas vacation"!!!)

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I basically felt the same way when i read this. I cooked up some t shirts to commemorate the idiot.<br /> <br />