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Published on December 28 2005

Survey says baby boomers lag seniors in direct deposit usage - Dec. 27, 2005
NEW YORK ( - Unlike today's seniors, the next generation of retirees is old-fashioned about direct deposit of paychecks and other payouts -- according to a survey released Tuesday, the "kids" don't trust it.According to the survey, there were three main reasons given by the people who don't use direct deposit: 21 percent said they like to go to a financial institution to deposit their check; 19 percent said they don't trust direct deposit; and 18 percent said they like receiving a paper check.
I'm in the last 18%--I like to hold that paycheck in my hot little hand for a few minutes, caress it, dream of all the things I could do with it.... hit the mall? run away to Jamaica?... before I give it away to house payments, utility bills, etc. etc. *comes back to earth still thinking about a Jamaican beach*

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